Commercial and Residential Full Service Masonry Contractor Specializing in Both New Construction and Restoration Masonry

We can build it from brick, block or stone. VanWell Masonry is a full service masonry contractor serving Washington State for over 25 years. We work in the commercial and residential fields, in both new construction and restoration masonry.

From restoring the masonry of a bygone era to building a new masonry structure, VanWell Masonry has the expertise to help you realize your dream, finish your construction project, or revive your old masonry.

All of our masons are continually trained on the methods, operations, and newest technologies of one of the world’s oldest professions. We understand the best ways to build the strongest, most water resistant, masonry structures possible using brick, block, stone, or any combination of these materials. We've mastered the art of masonry, a craft that is over 5 millennia old.

Our restoration masons understand the difference between the materials and methods used by craftsmen of another time, and those used to build new brick homes and buildings. We know how to treat your old masonry building in a way that will restore it to its original charm.

We run a merit shop and carry a trade partner philosophy that serves both our employees and our clients well. We use the products Mother Earth gives us in a way that creates our sustainable future. There is no “greener” building product than masonry.

Build it. Rebuild it. Restore it. What do you want to do with the masonry? Call VanWell Masonry for answers.