Commercial Masonry Services

Commercial building ranging from store construction to high-rise construction. VanWell Masonry has three divisions within the company. The Seattle commercial masonry division is the biggest of the three.
We specialize in commercial masonry for multi-use and multi-family buildings. However, our portfolio is filled with any and every type of masonry job that can be done in Western Washington. Though we have built commercial masonry buildings in more than 6 counties in Washington State, most of our commercial masonry work is in the greater Seattle area (Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, Everett and the surrounding areas).
In the current marketplace, many masonry and stone veneer apartment dwellings are being erected to reflect the changing dynamic of the growing population. As we all know, the Puget Sound region is the greatest place on earth to live, and VanWell Masonry has been privileged enough to grow along with the area.

Working in partnership with some of the best general contractors in the area, VanWell Masonry constantly strives to keep its costs and prices down through efficiencies and streamlining. When we find general contractors who work with us in these arenas, the client and contractor find savings in working with the VanWell Seattle commercial masonry team.

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