Residential Stone Selection Guide

VanWell Masonry has been installing Residential stone throughout the Northwest for 25 years. Our full range of stone profiles compliments all varieties of architecture.  Please view VanWell’s individual options below to find inspiration for your future residential masonry needs.

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We also install manufactured stone options from Coronado Stone & Eldorado Stone

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Chisel Rock

Chisel Rock is the perfect combination of Field and Ledge stones. The transition between rustic and articulated ledges creates an old world quality with subtle textural nuances.


CR StilettoLake

Cobble Blend

Cobble Blend is designed to emulate the architecture of rural past. Any application will benefit from Cobble Blend’s rugged refinement. It instantly develops appeal and charm.

CB Summerland

Cobble Ledge

Cobble Ledge is a combination of regular and irregular, softly eroded stones. The distinctively elongated shapes epitomize an old world profile.

CL SnowfieldPeak


Fieldstone creates country charm and a natural feel in any modern environment. The use of wide, irregular shaped stones, and over grouted joints deliver a sturdy yet rural appeal.

FS JuniperDunes

FS Kamiak


Panels are the latest architectural trend in residential masonry. The profile is clean, smooth, uninterrupted, and quietly sophisticated. It is reminiscent of grand European architecture.

Glacier Vista Panels1 TN

Quartz Creek Panels TN

Mountain Ledge

Mountain Ledge stones are composed into a panel system with irregular expanses and heights. This generates a precise, modern look to complement any building type. 

ML Chelan

ML MirrorLake

Prostack Lite

Prostack Lite provides a rustic outdoor look with tight-fitting dry stack stones. This rugged Ledge stone texture provides color and shadow for extensive design opportunities.

Prostack Lite Robinswood2 TN

PL CarbonGlacier

PL FortunePonds PL Klahhane
PL Palisades

Southern Ledge

The Southern Ledge profile is rugged with rough textures and decided irregularity. Tight-fitted or mortared, Southern Ledge is utilized to create a number of unique applications.

Southern Ledge Paradise Point TN

Southern Ledge Silver Peak TN

Southern Ledge Wolf Creek TN

Weather Edge

Weather Edge is a ledge stone that is larger in scale with softer irregular edges. Weather edge's palette offers a spectrum of color, complementing a variety of paint choices.

Weathered Edge Mount Leona1 TN

Weathered Edge Maple Hollow TN

Weathered Edge Hidden Lake TN